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Nothing is more painful than losing a loved one or having a family member suffer catastrophic injuries because of the carelessness of another. Words cannot describe the devastation and pain you and your family suffer when something like this happens. All you know is that it’s just not right. We agree. And we believe that the person who caused it, should pay. Literally and figuratively.  

That’s why at Day Law Group, when we take on a wrongful death lawsuit, we fight to win. At Day Law Group, we give you the legal and emotional support you need and the advocacy your loved one deserves. 

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Why Bring a Wrongful Death Lawsuit? 

When someone is killed due to the negligence of another, Louisiana’s laws allow certain surviving family members to bring a lawsuit against the wrongdoer.  

When you lose a loved one, especially when your loss is caused by the negligence of another, whether that be due to a work accident, trucking accident, motorcycle accident, work-related illness that caused a death, an intentional act of someone, or anything else, you suffer both emotionally and financially. Oftentimes, the medical and other bills that result from an incident that causes the death of a loved one can be an overwhelming burden for the surviving family members. While nothing can replace the person you lost, the aim of Louisiana’s Wrongful Death Act is to compensate the surviving family members for their financial losses resulting from the death.  

Generally, the most significant part of the financial recovery a person can get in a wrongful death action is for the loss of financial support — in other words, money that replaces the decedent’s wages or earnings. This includes money that the deceased would have provided to the family for food, clothing, health care, education, recreation, entertainment, and gifts. (The amount that can be recovered in a wrongful death lawsuit is based, not on the needs of the surviving family, but on how much money it could reasonably be expected that the decedent would have earned in.) Money can also be recovered for the value of the services, society and comfort that decedent would have given to his or her family had he (or she) lived.  

We understand that no amount of money can replace your loss or compensate your loved one for the pain he or she suffered prior to death. But when a person has carelessly taken the life of another, it is manifestly unfair to allow that person to escape justice and make the surviving family bear the financial burden of his or her wrongdoing.  

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