The Importance of “Back Pay” When it Comes to Social Security Disability Benefits.

The Importance of “Back Pay” When it Comes to Social Security Disability Benefits.

It’s not easy when you need disability benefits, and it’s not easy to win Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”) either.

Dealing with the Social Security Administration (“SSA”), the government agency that administers the federal disability programs (SSDI and Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”)) can be frustrating.

The road to receiving disability benefits is very often a long, difficult, and complex one. The SSA has a lot of rules and regulations that must be carefully followed. It is not unusual for many applicants to be denied benefits several times and have to take several appeals before they are finally awarded benefits.

While both SSDI and SSI provide benefits to those who are blind and disabled, only SSDI requires that you have worked for a certain number of years. Therefore, in today’s post we will be focusing on SSDI disability benefits.

Back Pay

When applying for disability benefits, “back pay” refers to payments that the SSA will make to you for the months between the date you applied for SSDI benefits and the date you were approved for benefits.

The time between these 2 dates is not insignificant. In most disability cases, it can be years before the person who applied for disability benefits is finally awarded them. In fact, the SSA is known for denying more than half of all initial SSDI applications. Which means that most people can expect to have to take one or more appeals and attend a hearing before the SSA’s initial denial can be turned into an award of benefits.

As a result of the long time period between application and award, if you are awarded SSDI, you will be entitled to payment for benefits you did not get during the time it took the SSA to decide in your favor.

Back pay, then, is pretty important to a disability applicant.

How Much Will You Get?

Once people understand how important back pay is to their disability award, the next common question they ask is “how much will I get?”.

The answer is, “it depends.” How much back pay you will receive depends on several things: your disability onset date, your application date, and the five-month waiting mandatory period for SSDI.

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