What Is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Is there any recourse for you if your loved one dies because of the negligence of someone else, say, in a car accident, trucking accident or due to a botched operation? Yes. What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit? When someone dies as the result of the negligence or intentional actions of another, the surviving members of the victim’s family can bring a civil lawsuit for “wrongful death” against the person legally liable for causing the person’s death. Which of the surviving members of the victim’s family can actually bring the wrongful death lawsuit, (i.e., who can be the “representative”) varies from state to...

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What is a “Contingency Fee”?

Many people hesitate to hire an attorney because they are concerned about how much it will cost them to be represented. While it is true that litigation can be expensive, contingency fee cases solve much of that problem. Here’s how it works. Contingency Fee Agreements. A contingency fee agreement is a contract that you sign when you hire counsel to represent you. While most attorney-client contracts charge an hourly rate for an attorney’s time, with a contingency fee agreement, you do not have to pay any money up front. Your attorney gets paid “contingent upon” (only if) you win at trial or reach...

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